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Our Mission

Our top priority is ensuring you create lifelong memories while exploring the beauty of Egypt with us.

We are an established licensed tour operator with experience operating tours to see the Pyramids, the Sphinx, and Saqqara to more personalized tours such as honeymoon in Sharm Al Sheikh and Hurghada. We have also expanded with a full team in Luxor and Aswan.

Our team is ready to carefully organize your tour with the utmost precision.

We have enough experience to provide the best ways of comfort for you and your family to spend an enjoyable vacation in Egypt.

We also have a team that works to provide you with the best services by coordinating the itinerary, and you have different packages that start from two days in Egypt and may reach 15 days, with the provision of the best hotels and boats in the Nile River in Luxor and Aswan.

Our #1 priority is that you enjoy your time with us, making forever memories, while in our beautiful country of Egypt!

Why Choose Narmer Tours ?


  • Personalized Planning

    We believe in the importance of understanding your needs before booking your trip. By asking the right questions and listening to your answers, we tailor the trip to make it as comfortable, memorable, and seamless as possible.

  • Expert Tour Guides

    Our tour guides hold academic degrees in Egyptian antiquities (Egyptology) and are accomplished authors. We particularly recommend Baha, whose extensive knowledge and publications provide valuable insights into Egypt's rich history.

  • Tour Guides:-

    The most important is the team of guides who hold academic degrees in Egyptian antiquities (Egyptology), have been published, or are publishers with years of experience as an independent researcher with the ability to find those secret and hidden gems within the rich cultural history of Egypt. We always recommend Baha to our visitors to benefit and read about the history of Egypt. 

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What's being said about Us?

Narmer Tours is highly recommended on TripAdvisor, which has significantly contributed to our rapid growth and the trust of many satisfied customers.

We have raving fans! Thank you all so very much!

Hidden Gems Magazine for World Travelers

Hidden Gems Magazine for World Travelers

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