Giza 3 Days - 2 Nights

3 Days
Private tour

Ever dreamt of discovering Cairo in a different and unusual way? Enjoy some of the major monuments that have a secrets since 7000 years, our tour includes the most famous places in Cairo and Giza, in an interesting historical tour.


  • The main points of the trip

  • Giza's Pyramids
  • The Sphinx
  • The Valley Temple
  • Panorama Pyramids
  • Tomb of the engineer Ham Iono
  • The Step Pyramid
  • Tombs of the Kings in Sakkara
  • Panorama Sakkara
  • Southern Cemetery
  • Crypt statue of King Djoser
  • Dahshur Pyramids (Bent and Red Pyramids)
  • Memphis
  • the Hanging Church & the Roman fortress
  • the Church of Saint Barbara
  • the Saints Sergius and Bacchus Church
  • the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization
  • Important note :-

    1- We offer you more than one offer
    The first offer includes a guide, a private car, and entry tickets to archaeological sites without accommodation.

    2- We are honest to tell you a very important information
    The hotels rating in Egypt is not the same as in USA or Europe,So we offer you different types and different levels hotels, but Luxury or Ultimate Luxury hotel options are hotels always recommended as in Egypt.

  • Accommodation Plan (A) 3-4 stars:
    Cairo has a lot of 3-4 stars hotels, and we deal with some of them, as they are very clean, calm and have a great view in the city center, This plan is for travelers who are just looking for a place to sleep, nothing more.

Accommodation Plan (B) 5 stars:
Cairo :- 
 Ramses Hilton - Nile View Jewel - Sofitel .
Giza  :-  Steigenberger Pyramids - Helnan.

Accommodation Plan (C):-


Fairmont Cairo - Hilton Curnrad - Kempinski. 

2- Ultimate Luxury:-

Cairo: Marriott Mena House - Four Seasons -Kempinski Nile Deluxe - Fairmont Nile Premium.

  • Day 1: Arrival : Giza's Pyramids & Sakkara & Memphis & Dahshur

    Arrival to Cairo airport, Upon your arrival you will find your guide, then you will be transferred by an A/C car to Giza's Pyramids .

    From the moment your guide meet you, He will accompanies you, and give you a simple talk about life in Egypt and the Arab community in general, in order to get to know the culture of the Egyptians .


  • first stopping point:

transfer you to visit Giza's Pyramids are one of the wonders of the ancient world that comes to the mind of every visitor who hears the name of Egypt, So be ready to enjoy by one of the best travel experience in Egypt.

in Giza plateau, which listen to the real story of ancient pharaohs, and your guide will give you the chance to touch the stone of the Great Pyramids one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, then visiting Pyramid of, Chephren & Mykerinos, the most important when you exploring the Valley Temple where the Priests Mummified the dead body of King Chephren Also there you will have a close-up look at The Sphinx -  And you know the secret from the Great Sphinx, The tour also includes Visiting a panoramic best view of the Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren, and Mykerinus to enjoy by many photo there.


  • Second stopping point:

then will visit Saqqara, which is the oldest royal tomb that took the form of a step pyramid dating back to 2400 BC Its owner is King Zoser or Djoser, the most famous founder of the 3rd Dynasty in Egypt.

Your guide will take you to the oldest royal tombs and see the colorful drawings and offerings made by servants to the king. Do not forget to watch the sacrifice of cows, goats and wine painted on the walls of the tombs.


  • Th3d stopping point:

to the south you will visit the Red Pyramid and the Bent pyramid of King Snefro, who tried to build a complete pyramid for him, but due to an engineering error, the pyramid became incomplete or broken as it is called.
Then we move to visit the oldest capital in ancient Egypt, Memphis, and see the statue of the great King Ramses II and the huge Sphinx of Queen Hatshepsut.

  • In the end:

    your guide will transfer you to your hotel.


  • Note:

    Usually there is a delay in the arrival date due to the Corona virus and the examination at the airports, so if the arrival is late or you feel tired, do not worry, We are keen on you and the implementation of your tour and we will organize this day to become the last day before your departure flight, And the first day, only transfer you to the hotel for rest.


  • Day 2: the castle of Salah al-Din & the Egyptian Museum

you will find our guide waiting for you in your hotel and transfer you to visit the castle of Salah al-Din are one of the Most famous Archeological site in Cairo.  


  • first stopping point:

will move to Old Cairo, Cairo, that have a nicknamed the country of a thousand minarets, Egypt was the seat of the Islamic Kings, Also many Arab Muslim Kings who lived there came to it, so you will visit one of most important archeological site in Cairo is the castle of Salah al-Din, the great leader who built his castle on the highest Mokattam mountain of Cairo in 1171 AD, to protect Cairo from the armies of Crusaders. Then the commander Muhammad Ali Pasha took over, who built Alabaster Mosque with a Turkish design, the oldest watch came as a gift from the King of France to Egypt.


  • Second stopping point:

will move to Coptic Cairo, You’ll see some of Cairo’s most important Christian sites, the Hanging Church The reason for its name "The Hanging Church" is due to its construction on two of the ancient towers of the Roman fortress known as the "Babylonian Fort", that fortress that was built during the reign of Emperor Trajan in the second century AD, and the church was built at a height of 13 meters from the surface of the earth.

Move to visit the Church of the Saints Bacchus Sergius Church These two brothers have a great role in protecting the Holy Family in Egypt, and Church Saint Barbara.


  • th3d stopping point:

then will visit the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, you see the oldest prosthetic leg of an ancient Egyptian foot that underwent surgery more than 3000 years ago. You also see the oldest cave in which the Egyptian lived in the stone ages.

And the colored wooden coffins, as well as the minute details of making the war wheels that were used in battles and wars, The most important thing about the Museum of Civilization is that it includes the Royal Mummies Hall, which is, It was specially designed to display the mummies of the kings and queens of Pharaonic Egypt, which provides the visitor with an atmosphere like the Valley of the Kings and Queens in Luxor.

The Museum of Civilization includes 22 mummies of Egyptian kings and queens, the most famous of which is the warrior Ramses II and the powerful Queen Hatshepsut and other kings and queens of Egypt to show the Egyptian superiority in the science of mummification and preservation of the mummy, And you see the longest hair of a lady in ancient Egypt is Queen Tiye, and her hair is still soft and long.


  • At the end 
    your guide will transfer you to your Hotel.


  • We have a lot of activities:- (Optional)

    1- The sound and light show in the pyramids while hearing the stories of the history of the pharaohs in different languages,       it’s a unique experience that you can do.

    2- Dinner Cruise with two-hour sailing and watching the Egyptian dance show, the Arab Tanoura and the attractive oriental music, And dinner is an open buffet so that you can taste a lot of different Egyptian foods.


  • Day 3: Departure:

After Breakfast at the hotel your guide will transfer you to the airport and He will help you at the airport until you reach the terminal in the utmost comfort .


  • Includes:

  • 2 Nights hotel accommodation in Cairo on bed & breakfast basis.
  • 1 day tour in Giza's Pyramids & Sakkara & mummfise & Dahshure
  • 1 day tour in Old Cairo & Coptic Cairo & the National Museum
  • Expert tour guide.
  • All Transfers in Cairo by an A/C vehicle.
  • All your visits include entrance fees.

  • Excludes:

  • International Airfare.
  • Drinks and any personal expenses.


  • Payment policy:

  • You can pay 20% before the trip start.
  • We accept all methods of secure payment: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, direct bank transfer, and you can also pay through Western Union.
  • The price of the trip is set in US dollars, but you can pay in euro, British pound or Egyptian pounds, as you like.


  • Health problems:

  • If you have a health problem such as difficulty walking or you need a wheelchair .. Please tell us before the tour begins, to provide the necessary and help you.


  • What do you bring with you ?

  • Flat shoes or sandal this best fantasy for mountainous and sandy areas such as the pyramids.
  • In the summer, temperatures are high, so we recommend wearing a hat and for children as well.

  • Children Policy

  • under 2 years for Free.
  • 2- 11.99 pay 50% of tour price.
  • 12+ pay full tour price as per adult person.
  • If your tour includes airfare then an extra charges for your children may apply.


  • We have a lot of activities:- (Optional)

1- The sound and light show in the pyramids while hearing the stories of the history of the pharaohs in different languages, it’s a unique experience that you can do, the price $40 per person.

2- Dinner Cruise with two-hour sailing and watching the Egyptian dance show, the Arab Tanoura and the attractive oriental music, And dinner is an open buffet so that you can taste a lot of different Egyptian foods, the price $45 per person. 

3- Ride a camel or horse in the pyramid area is a fun activity, if you want we provide you with it at a price of $15 per 15 minutes.

4- Explore the open desert area of Giza Pyramids by a Quad Bike, the price $50 per person.

5- Lunch in a traditional restaurant and tasting Egyptian food after your tour, the price $15 per person.


  • Customer Service:

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